Ecole nationale d’art (Enda) responds to the social current situation, continue its pedagogical mission and maintain itself as an artistic research dynamic. Interact on the « Containment Platform » with practitioners and artists who purposes art projects related to containment.

The school brings together a set of projects imagined by the practitioners and artists for confined people.

These projects allow people the possibility to interact with artists by participating in process that allow us to re-consider our lifestyles and the future of our society.

Beyond “Decontainment” project ENDA also supports artists and allows them a frame to continue their work by involving them in collective intelligence, more than ever necessary today.

If you also want to submit a project, visit the Call for Participation. You can send us your project in French or English.

The projects will be published on “Decontainment Platform”, accessible here:

For more information, the School Office remains at your disposal by email at: