The Atomic School

The Atomic School is a compact research and experimentation program during 24 hours non stop. It allows participants to discover and practices ENDA’s state of mind. The curriculum is framed by modules (workshops) around specific topics. The duration of a module is 3 hours. They are run by ENDA’s team. The curricula is held in English and will be justified by a certificate of participation.


  • Experiment an art practice liberated from art standards,
  • Use a framework that constraint to be inventive,
  • Built a inexpected point of vue of art,
  • Implement an economy adapted to the specificity to its activity,
  • Applying acquired skills to all aspects of its professional and private life,
  • To imagine multiple ways to transform its art practice.


Module 1

Part 1: The Invisual (1/2)
An introduction to invisual and its state of mind. Issues on art and elsewhere.
Differents exemples of practices.
Part 2: The Invisual (2/2)
Discussion about the invisual.
Skype with an artist and elaboration of a strong critique.

Module 2

Part 1: Problematic
Formulation of a problematic or question that is fundamental to participants and reflects their singularities or choices.
Part 2: Vector Term
Formulation of a key word or concept that can characterize as much as possible the participant’s response to the problem.
Part 3: Project Definition
Definition of the project in 280 characters.
Part 4: Adjustments
Group work to adjust the definition of each project.
Part 5: Approach
How does the participant intend to carry out their projects?

Module 3

Part 1: Plan
Listing 5 major steps in the project’s production.

Part 2: Outlines
Design of the following parameters: the economy, the diffusion, the strategy, the resources necessary for the realization of the project.

Part 3: Adjustments
Free discussions and adjustments.

Module 4

Part 1: Inclusive Dynamics

The project will be the subject of presentations and discussions by the participants.

Part 2: Rendering
Participants provide a rendering coexisting with the nature of project. The project leader can present his project orally

Module 5

Production of the project – module run on more than 3 hours.

Module 6

Project evaluation, the strong and weak points, its possible evolutions and stakes.

Module 7

Balance Sheet
With the help of a standard form, each participant writes a report on his project.

Module 8

Collaborative work in order to put in perspective the project and its timeline.

Module 9

Time out of the project, organized around participants.

Module 10

White Module
A module set by the participants or someone they choose.

Module 11

Institutional approach
What can be done with an art institution today ?

Module 12



Admission is done by simply sending a motivation text (maximum 10,000 characters) or a motivation video or recording (5 minutes maximum) to secretariat@enda.fr

The application will be evaluated by a jury which will rule and answer the candidates. The number of selected participants is limited, applicants are invited to send their applications as early as possible.