Organization Chart

Alexandre Gurita

Artist whose practice is of an invisual nature. He originated the term invisual art, a genre of art freed from the format of the work of art. In this way the framework of art is broader than that of the work of art, which is therefore only one format among numerous others. He considers the system of art as a language, a support and a working material. More Information

Ludovic De Vita

Director of Research and Development
He develops projects as an independent curator, artist and researcher. He founded the International Institute for Research in Anthropology of Singularity (IRISA) in Paris, with which he proposes to re-examine art practices and processes of singularization through creativity and innovation. More Information

Baptiste Pays

Program Coordinator
Artist and founder of Global Screen Shot (GSS), a new kind of employment agency that offers artists and the art world the opportunity to build “infra-position” designed to open a doorway into society. This work is carried out through the use of individual or collective situational methods that attempt to bring out global understandings of certain everyday infrastructures. More Information

Rose Léotard

In charge of external projects
“In an increasingly materialized and paradoxically ever more fetishistic world of objects as social markers, invisual art is for me the most contemporary art form possible. Beyond the avant-garde, it is the expression of current issues, of the spirit of the times, but is above all at the heart of the paradigm shift at work in our relationship to the real.” More Information

Camille Zmyslony

In charge of international projects
Specialist in cultural geopolitics, she actively participated in 2019 in the United Nations Models (UNM) of the University of Salamanca (Spain) with a representation of Georgia within the Council of Europe on the challenges developed by new technologies (especially in terms of cultural heritage). More Information

Tom Bücher

Graphic designer
In charge of visual communication of Ecole nationale d’art (ENDA) and associated projects. He did many projects and participations in major events such the International Graphic Design Exhibition, collective exhibition (China) in 2017 and the visual identity of the Paris Biennale in 2018. More information

Jacquotte Delahaye

Pedagogical Secretary
In charge of the management of external relations and applications. She keeps an organisation running smoothly, taking care of the administrative and organisational tasks that make the organisation function. Alternatively, she is responsible for general tasks and administration. More Information

Alain Gintzburger

Official Replacing
He is the replacing official of ENDA and Secretary General of the International Replacement Agency (IRA). The International Replacement Agency (IRA) was born out of a simple observation: you can’t be in several places at the same time. Thanks to its team of replacements, you can, in case of absence, call upon a professional replacement. AIR will work with you to design a unique creation to represent you. More Information