Session XXII

From November 25, 2022, to June 30, 2023

ENDA is the unique research and experimentation art school in the world, constituted as the pedagogical department of the Biennale de Paris.

ENDA offers a curriculum that gives its participants the opportunity to free themselves from the models inherited from 20th century art. It also proposes to highlight some of the issues at stake in the art of the 21st century, a history in the making in which practitioners may eventually participate.

ENDA is built on its own academic standards which evolve and are reviewed every year.

For Whom?

  • For those who show an interest in singular approaches,
  • For those who wish to transform their artistic practice or professional activity,
  • For those who reject art as it is commonly practiced,
  • For those who, under optimal conditions, seek to put essential questions to work.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is a practical and theoretical module in a necessary interdependence. The curriculum also includes the opportunity for practitioners to participate on the Paris Biennial or initiate external projects.


ENDA offers two research and experimentation grants for an artist or a professional from another field.


The course can be followed in parallel with other training courses, to which it is entirely complementary. Candidates may apply to ENDA without having previously obtained a diploma, after 18 years and with no limit in term of age.


The year is then sanctioned by a post-graduate DNREA diploma (National Diploma of Research and Experimentation in Arts).

The Cost

The application fee is 50 Euros and the cost of the one-year session is set at 3000 Euros. ENDA does not provide scholarships but there are different possibilities for financing the course depending on your situation, and for which the school can help you to apply. We therefore encourage you to apply for the various existing grants before you know whether or not you will be admitted.

Foreign Candidates

For foreign applicants, obtaining a visa may be necessary and lengthen the admission procedure. Find out about your situation now.

Admission Procedure

ENDA has set up a single admission procedure that is renewed regularly in order to act in real time and ensure a permanent link with the people it is looking for. This procedure offers the school great availability to its candidates, however it is strongly advised to apply as soon as possible, as the number of admissions is limited.

Application Form

Direct link to the Application Form

Deadline: October 30, 2022


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