Contributions to External Projects

The horizontal organization of ENDA leads to a dilution of its program in the different realities that traverse it or that it practices. For this reason, ENDA participates in or initiates “External” projects as well as courses related to its fields of research.

ETI (Experimenting an Institutional Transformation)

Novembre 2019 – September 2021, France, Italy, Romania, Spain
This year ENDA initiated a two-year European-wide project, ETI (Experimenting an Institutional Transformation). ETI proposes to artists or non-artists to reformulate a set of art institutions. Thanks to the intervention of European citizens and artists associated with four European art institutions, ETI takes up the challenge of imagining a new institution, sensitive to the diversity of social and artistic practices, enabling new spaces for a wider cultural audience. Gathered by ENDA, Idensitat in Barcelona (Spain), Minitremu in Targu-Mures (Romania) and the Bottari Lattes Foundation in Monforte d’Alba (Italy), ETI will welcome artists who will experiment with a new kind of programming with audiences, leading to institutional reformulations. ETI will conclude with a forum in Paris . This forum will also be an opportunity to prototype a European consultation committee to support art and cultural institutions wishing to work toward the transformation of their model. The ETI project is co-financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe program. More information

The Paris Biennale in Guatemala

November 1-11, 2017, Guatemala City
Topic : “Can art be a vector for education?” – This relocation of the Biennale de Paris to Guatemala was the session project of Kristina Cordon, a member of Session XI of Iheap New York. The central project consists of the establishment of an art library in Guatemala. The collection of projects constitute a starting point for the creation of the first art school in Guatemala, Alternative Art Program Guatemala. More information

The Paris Biennale in Beirut

June 27 – July 3, 2016, Beirut
The Paris Biennale in Beirut was conceived by the sessionists of session XI of the Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (Iheap). It was a global project within the framework of their curriculum, in partnership with numerous Lebanese collaborators and partners. There was press conference at the Beirut Art Center on June 26, 2016 to inaugurate the program of this Lebanese week. The objective of this Paris Biennale in Beirut was to make the different working methods and projects that had been developed by the sessionists available to participants. More information