AREA : Attestation of Research and Experimentation in Art.

Categories: Thematic classification of working sessions.

Process: Development of an analysis through realization of successive projects, taken as a whole and in the perspective of a lifetime.

DNREA: National Diploma of Research and Experimentation in Art.

Horizontality: Operating mode without teachers or students, a collaborative logic based on sharing of knowledge and experience.

Lecturer: Expert on a subject linked directly or indirectly with the module.

Line of Research and Experimentation (LDRE): Problematic that structures the research policy.

MEx: Organizational mode for research activities, composed of one participant only (individual LDRE) or many participants (collaborative LDRE).

Module: A three-hour working session, theoretical or practical.

Practitionner: Research-experimenter, candidate enrolled in ENDA.

PEx: Research and experimentation program. Program composed of several modules organized within an external institution, generally based on a LDRE or a particular problematic.

Project: One-time project, one shot.

External Project: Project developed with other organizations.

Activity Report: Document written by the practitioners due before the end of the session.

Session: One academic year.