General Information

There are various possibilities for financing the curricula and training, depending on your social and economical situation.

We encourage you to apply for existing scholarships adapted to your situation before you know whether or not you will be admitted to Enda.

Enda award two scholarship per year and the possibility of paying in instalments.

For research on funding, you can contact the Regions and the Departments, private companies, non profit and foundations. Do not hesitate to consult the sites of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Research and Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Practitioners can obtain funding for their curriculum and research at Enda as: art residency, continuing training, artistic, scientific, social or human science research, social assistance …. Our administrative office is at your disposal to assist you in your approach and formulate a fundraising strategy.

The Right to Continuing Training

If you are a French artist, AFDAS (Fonds d’assurance formation des secteurs de la culture, de la communication et des loisirs) can finance your curricula.

You can benefit from a right to continuing training. If you are employer, unemployed or job seeker, you can contact your employment center, which can pay itself the cost of the curricula.


CNAP (Centre national des arts plastiques) supports artistic research and innovation by allocating research grants to artists engaged in experimental approaches and financial aid to contemporary art professionals (galleries, publishers, art critics…).

ENDA awards two scholarships to candidates without any criteria other than the relevance of your research project. The procedure for requesting a grant can be made by e-mail to mentioning the reason for your request and the research project.

Individual Support for Artistic Research

You have the possibility to request financial support to DRAC (Direction Regionale d’Art Contemporain) of your region or City of Paris. This aid enables artists either to carry out artistic research that does not necessarily lead to a final product, or to extend your artistic approach.

Support for French Researchers

If you are a French researcher you can request a financial support to Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie or Maison des Sciences de l’Homme.

Support for Foreign Researchers

If you are a foreign researcher you can benefit from the grants offered by the City of Paris. You can also request financial support from your country directly or from the cultural services of your country’s embassy in Paris.

Support for Foreign Artists

Institut Francais offers grants to foreign artists as part of hosting programs. Cite Internationale des Arts welcomes foreign artists in France. The selection is made by the cultural services of the French embassies abroad and Institut Francais.

Support for Foreign Students

UNESCO scholarships are allocated to foreign students must go through the national committee organized by their own country. You can explore the possibility of obtaining a “post-doc” grant with your home institution. For foreigners, the gouvernement of your country or the embassy of your country in Paris, can grant you a scholarship on a case-by-case basis.