An External Module of Research and Experimentation (MEx) is a module that seeks to put into practice and deepen a problem related to a Line of Research and Experimentation (LDRE). The base duration of a MEx is one afternoon. MEx’s are organized by ENDA within host institutions by invitation. Several MEx’s make up an External Research and Experimentation Program (PEx).


A PEx is an ensemble of several MEx’s taking place within another establishment. A PEx can be co-organized with the host institution. The interest for a school or another type of institution to host a PEx consists in helping students to advance in issues that they will be confronted with in their studies and that are not dealt with by the school: invisual practices (without artwork), terminology (formulation of new terms for realities in art that do not have a name), alter-economies (economies parallel to the art market) or strategies (introduction of strategy in art). A PEx can complement the curriculum of the host school.