Procedure of Enrollment

The application is completed online through the application form. You must fill in the fields of the application form with your personal information, contact details and motivational text, limited to 10,000 characters, in which you explain why you want to join ENDA. This part of your file is an essential part of the evaluation. Instead of the motivational text you can attach to the form a sound file with a recording of up to ten minutes.


  • Remember to write the text before you start filling in the form. You can then copy and paste the text into the form.
  • Although the deadline for submitting your application may seem very far away, it is nevertheless strongly recommended that you apply as soon as possible.

Payment of registration fees and validation of submission

The application fee is reassessed annually. No application fee waivers will be granted and no refunds will be made. Payment can be made by check, bank transfer or paypal. The application fee is 50 euros.

Submission of your file

Once you have submitted your file, you can no longer modify it. ENDA will have access to the information you have entered but cannot modify it. So be very careful. Candidates are assessed on the basis of their motivational text. ENDA does not take into account information and documents that are not compulsory. Portfolios and CVs are not accepted. To be taken into account, your application must be submitted before the application deadline. It must be complete and the registration fee must be paid. We will not be able to take into account documents that arrive later, unless we have expressly requested them. After submitting your application you will receive an email confirmation of receipt of your application. You should keep it in a safe place. The application form can be completed in English or French. The study fee for the session is 3000 euros.


Candidates are informed of admission results by email one week after the application deadline. Candidates who do not receive an answer following their submission are requested to contact the school’s administrative office:

Foreign Candidates

For foreign applicants, obtaining a visa can take a long time. Find out about your situation now. In order to facilitate the processing of your application, please always use the email address you provided when you created your application file in all correspondence with us. If you have any difficulties with the application procedure, our administrative office is at your disposal. The admission conditions for foreign candidates are identical to those for French candidates.

Important information

Unless otherwise agreed with the administrative office, candidates who have not finalized their submissions (photo, insurance, rules of procedure and payment of study fees) before the next deadline for applications will lose their places on the waiting list.