Associated Research

In the frame of its research policy, Enda welcomes researchers every year regardless of their related fields. Research can be carried out jointly with other French or foreign institutions.

Become an Associated Researcher

The program of the Ecole nationale d’art (Enda) is a singular research path around which many people other than practitioners are involved. In order to strengthen its relations with other researchers, Enda has set up a network of associate researchers. This status is intended to support research work and exchanges between Enda and other researchers or structures.

The following chart sets out the terms and conditions for incorporating an associate researcher at the Ecole nationale d’art (Enda). It applies as soon as the status of associate researcher has been obtained, and for the duration of the research period.

  • The status of associate researcher is designed in particular as a means of sharing the research and work of Enda, its practitioners and other associated researchers.
  • The status of associate researcher is not the same as that of practitioner.
  • Associate researchers are invited or selected from outside personalities whose research problems are related to those of Enda.
  • These issues do not necessarily have to be part of the practitioners’ research framework.
  • The status of associate researcher is granted for a period of one year, renewable for an unlimited number of times.
  • The associate researcher may be received, when he or she wishes, by the Enda team. We will be able to discuss the work carried out in relation to the initial project, as well as the research envisioned in the event of a new application for association.
  • The request for association is made directly to Enda.
  • The applicant may write a one-page presentation that will be sent to the Enda team.
  • The associate researcher retains the status granted by his or her home institution, which assumes responsibility for him or her as an employer, conducted according to its own rules and procedures. Status as an associate researcher does not preclude regular membership of another structure.

Past Associated Researchers


Arthur Matuck
MFA, PhD, Director of Collabor Center at the University of Sao Paolo (Sao Paolo, Brazil).


Arsene Caens
Researcher in anthropology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), (Paris, France).


Corina Mila
Researcher in literature at the Sorbonne University, (Paris, France).


Florian Brochec
Psychologist (Paris, France).