The levels are steps in the deepening of a LDRE (Line of Research and Experimentation). This progression enables advancement in a given problem. The levels follow one another in a progressive and logical sequence. A module can be associated with one or two LDREs.

Levels of the Monitoring LDRE

N1: The current situation of practitioners. Practitioners take stock of their current situation. The number of modules at this level is a function of the number of practitioners.
N2: The process. Definition of the process.
N3A: One-day project (solo): Formulation
N3B: One-day project (solo): Rendering
N4A: One-day project (group): Formulation
N4B: One-day project (group): Rendering
N5: The session project (definition)
N6: The title of the session project
(Secondary LDRE (1) : LDRE Terminology)
N7: Key words and concepts in the project
(Secondary LDRE: LDRE Terminology)
N8: Summary of definitions of process and projects
N10A: Project mapping (introduction)
N10B: Project mapping (first reading)
N10C: Project mapping (second reading)
N11: The statutes (Formulation of the 3 statutes: social and economic status of the author, personal status of the author, status of the social/legal/economic structure of the project).
N12: The strategy of the project
N13: The economics of the project
N14A: Introduction to the Work Report
N14B: Finalization of the work report plan
N15: Technical aspects of the session project
N16: Sharing resources for the project
N17: Unforeseen aspects
N18A: Catch-up A
N18B: Catch-up B
N19: Assessment of the session proect
N20: Project reporting (Work report with project details)
N22: Defense of the session project

Levels of the invisual LDRE

N1A: Introduction to the invisual, an art without works of art and with no images: going
N1B: Introduction to the invisual, an art without works of art and with no images : returning The sessionists react.
N2: The terrain, the context, the environment
A critical analysis of context and context of art.
N3: The Invisual in Practice
Presentation of invisual practices or activities around the world.
N4: Thinking art VS Being thought by art.
N5: After the work of art.
N6: Institutional capture
N7: Macro-criticism (or augmented criticism)
N8: Art is the art of art.
N9: Recapitulation of the invisual

Levels of the Alter-economies LDRE

N1: Examples of parallel economic models to the art market: presentation
N2: Examples of economic models parallel to the art market: discussion
N3: Formulations of para-economies based on concrete cases
N4: The economics of the session project

Levels of the Strategies LDRE

N1: General, introduction and basics
N2: Strategies
N3: Introducing Strategy into Art
N4: The strategy OF WATER (or the third way)
N5: exercises of strategy

Levels of the Terminology LDRE

N1: General, introduction and basics
N2: Terminology in art, generic terms and specific terms
N3: Agent of art, operating, manoeuvring, the invisual, augmented criticism, institutional capture, public of indifference
N4: Terminology in Practice

(1) Secondary LDREs do not have levels.